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FTAs and Philippine Business: Evidence from Transport, Food, and Electronics Firms Wignaraja, Ganeshan Evaluates the impact of free trade agreements (FTAs), particularly the 15-year-old ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA), on business activity in the Philippines. Uses a survey of manufactured goods exporters from three sectors: transport equipment, processed foods, and electronics. Reveals the results on the use of AFTA with econometric analysis. Mentions that the lack of information is the biggest barrier to FTA use. Cites impediments including the ...Continue Reading English 80688
Statistics of Marine Shrimp Culture Survey 2007 Aims to study and survey information on marine shrimp related to number of shrimp farms, area of shrimp farms, and quantity and value of shrimp farms and culture. Describes the meanings of words and classification of shrimp culture. Presents the statistical tables and charts, focusing on shrimp production in 2001-2007, number of shrimp farms by type of culture and coastal zone, area of shrimp farms by type of culture and coastal zone, area of s ...Continue Reading Thai 80602
ASEAN's Inheritance: The Regionalization of Southeast Asia, 1941-61 Charrier, Philip Considers how the nature of ASEAN's spatial presence in the global environment also merits attention. Explores on the basis of three organizational concepts, dealing with the establishment of encircling physical boundaries the identification of social, economic and political connections between the countries involved, and the recurrence of the concept of the region over time. Focuses on the process by which Southeast Asia became a space . Di ...Continue Reading English 80437
Realizing the ASEAN Economic Community: A Comprehensive Assessment Presents an overview of trends in ASEAN economic integration, dealing with economic performance, the direction and structure of trade in goods and services, changes in commercial policy, and trends in foreign direct investment (FDI). Studies various measures required to complete the task of establishing free flow of goods, services and skilled labour as articulated in the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). Evaluates the status of competition polic ...Continue Reading English 79563
The ASEAN Regional Forum Severino, Rodolfo C Reviews the environment in which the ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF) was conceived and initiated. Introduces the ARF as a venue and mechanism for ministerial-level consultation and dialogue among states with interests in it on political and security issues in the Asia-Pacific. Deals with criteria for ARF's participation, mentioning the expansion of the ARF membership including four countries of South Asia. Considers how the ARF pursues confidence-b ...Continue Reading English 79193
Southeast Asia in a New Era: Ten Countries, One Region in ASEAN Gives an overview of Southeast Asia, mentioning its early history, Western colonialism and impact, economic development, relations between Southeast Asian states, and relations with the outside world. Presents country studies of 10 ASEAN member countries, covering Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. Focuses on each country's historical evolution, development strategies, ...Continue Reading English 79119
Roadmap for an ASEAN Community 2009-2015 Presents the Cha-am Hua Hin Declaration on the Roadmap for the ASEAN Community (2009-2015). Details ASEAN Political-Security Community (APSC) Blueprint, ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) Blueprint, and ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community (ASCC) Blueprint. Presents each blueprint with introduction, characteristics and elements, implementation and review mechanism. Includes the initiative for ASEAN Integration (IAI) Strategic Framework and IAI Work Plan ...Continue Reading English 78856
Basic Information on ASEAN Presents views on the future of ASEAN, considering incoming changes from externally driven forces and internally driven forces. Deals with challenges of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), looking at the key success factors. Looks at major economic routes linking the expansion of trade and investment with the East-West economic Corridor (EWEC), North-South Economic Corridor (NSEC) and Southern Economic Corridor (SEC) Analyzes Thailand's benefi ...Continue Reading Thai 77948
Statement by His Excellency Abhisit Vejjajiva Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Thailand at the Opening Ceremony of the 14th ASEAN Summit, Cha-am, Hua Hin, 28 February 2009 Presents the statement on realizing the ASEAN Community by the year 2015. Deals with building a regional environment of peace and prosperity, mentioning how to reinforce the ASEAN Community, and to enhance engagement with external partners. Welcomes the strengthening of regional resilience, mentioning the fruitful results of the ASEAN meetings held in Thailand. Thai 77893
Mercosur Economic Integration: Lessons for ASEAN Reviews the main achievements and challenges of the integration experience of the Southern Common Market (MERCOSUR in Spanish). Examines its economic and institutional development, in particular trends in economic growth and international trade, institution building, and cooperation to reduce asymmetries. Details trade integration process of MERCOSUR, including the creation of a free trade area, a customs union, the treatment of foreign investm ...Continue Reading English 77874
ASEAN Economic Community Blueprint Highlights the ASEAN Roundtable 2008 on the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) Blueprint, presenting observations and recommendations from the roundtable discussion. Identifies a number of obstacles to forming an economic community. Covers non-tariff barriers to intra-ASEAN trade, involvement of ASEAN business in regional economic integration, national investment regimes, competition policy, infrastructure development, and international production ...Continue Reading English 77873
14th ASEAN Summit: Opportunities and Challenges Considers how the 14th ASEAN summit, during 27 February - 1 March 2009, will affect the prospects for Thailand's trade and investment. Expects the Summit to implement short- and long-term measures to withstand the economic crisis. Analyzes Thailand's benefit in short- and medium-and long terms from the ASEAN agreement. Raises major hindrances to the integration into the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). Deals with economic inequality and legal ...Continue Reading Thai 77431
Shaping the Course of ASEAN's Future: ASEAN Economic Community Srirat Rastapana Studies the evolution of ASEAN economic integration and the economic relations between ASEAN and countries outside the region. Considers the future achievement in establishing the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). Covers ASEAN external economic relations with dialogue partners. Concentrates on trade and investment aspects rather than other areas of economic cooperation such as finance, movement of labour, and development of economic infrastructu ...Continue Reading Thai 77405
Basic Information of the Lao People's Democratic Republic Provides basic information of Lao PDR in terms of history, geography, politics and government, demography, economy, religion, education, tourism, transport, and Thai-Lao relations. Describes economic conditions in the periods of 2004-2006, mentioning economic growth during 2001-2007. Deals with the Ayeyawady-Chao Phraya-Mekong Economic Cooperation Strategy (ACMECS) or Economic Cooperation Strategy (ECS). Considers the Savan Seno Special Econom ...Continue Reading Thai 77231
ASEAN and Free Trade Agreements Somkid Phutsri Studies ASEAN on the path of Free Trade Agreements (FTAs), dealing with ASEAN's international trade policy, process of trade liberalization, and current status of ASEAN's FTAs. Analyzes the ASEAN-China FTA, considering the path of ACFTA and its substance. Sheds light on ASEAN-EU FTA, tracing the relations between EU and ASEAN. Looks at trade relations in terms of international trade, trade in services, and foreign direct investment. Deals wit ...Continue Reading Thai 77189
The Road to Ratification and Implementation of the ASEAN Charter Presents background of the expert roundtable discussion on The Road to Ratification and Implementation of the ASEAN Charter , providing a platform to voice the views on the ASEAN Charter. Contains contents of the keynote address delivered by Ali Alatas, former Foreign Minister of Indonesia. Highlights points of discussion on merits and imperatives of ratification, and arguments against ratification. Discusses the problems with the ASEAN Chart ...Continue Reading English 77124
Attitudes and Awareness Towards ASEAN: Findings of a Ten-nation Survey Thompson, Eric C Surveys the attitudes and awareness towards ASEAN among university students from ten ASEAN member nations. Deals with five themes, i.e.: attitudes towards ASEAN as a whole, knowledge about the region and the Association, orientation towards the region and individual countries, sources of information about the region, and aspirations for regional integration and cooperation. Discusses the findings on aspects of integration and action. Summarize ...Continue Reading English 77096
Significance of the ASEAN Charter Presents a fact sheet of the ASEAN Charter which has become a legally binding agreement among the 10 ASEAN member states. Highlights the ASEAN Charters in the contexts of new political commitment at the top level, enhanced commitments, new ASEAN bodies, new initiatives and changes. Introduces a High Level Legal Exports Group (HLEG) looking all legal issues arising from the Charter, covering other new ASEAN bodies such as the ASEAN Coordinating ...Continue Reading English 77009
Buddhist Economy and Development Poonsin Ingavat Describes economic development in the context of mainstream economy, considering technological progress and economic growth. Looks at economic crisis and Thai alternative economy. Presents the concept of Buddhist economy, dealing with the religious doctrine, Buddha's teachings, and behaviors in the Buddhist ways. Compares the mainstream economy with Buddhist economy, highlighting the vision, development objectives, development mechanism, resou ...Continue Reading Thai 76765
Gross Domestic Product and Budget of Thailand Patchree Minrawong Aims to study the relationship between the sector of product line variables i.e. agriculture, industry and service with budget of Thailand. Emphasizes on creation of the model which is the multiple regression to examine the influence of the sector of product line variables toward the changes of the budget of Thailand. Employs the secondary data from 1997-2005. Reveals three variables gained from selection by stepwise regression method, citing ...Continue Reading Thai 76761