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Factors Affecting the Application of Policies to Promote Multicultural in tha Project of Spirit of ASEAN's Schools, Research Report Studies the consequence of multicultural policy implementation in schools under the governmental project 'Spirit of ASEAN', focusing on impact factors effecting the policy implementation. Aims to formulate guidelines and manuals for stakeholders to handle multicultural issues in schools. Revisits research methodology and concepts of multicultural and pluralism management in terms of ASEAN environment, social communication, good practices to pro ...Continue Reading Thai 94460
Education in South-East Asia Explores educational systems of ASEAN member countries and Timor-Leste in terms of culture, religion, humanitarian, ethnic and politics embedded. Cites evolution of national education development, macro policy, educational structure, educational reforms, educational strategic plans, and key concerns. Discusses ICT role in Brunei's educational transformation, Lao PDR's educational strategies from 2000 onwards, policy initiatives in Cambodia's ed ...Continue Reading English 94164
Vocational Training Instructors Manual for ASEAN: Guide for ASEAN Instructors (GAIN) Contains an instructor manual for Vocational Training (VT) developed by ASEAN-Japan HRD Collaboration Program, covering management knowhow for VT institutions, course management and evaluation, how to set up VT course with workflow and class plan, lesson instruction skills for instructors' preparation. Introduces curriculum purpose, course design, training subjects outline, course implementation and management, suggestion for persons in charge f ...Continue Reading English 94033
Multiple Official Languages and Translation Service: The Key to Successful ASEAN Integration Wilaiwan Khanittanan Examines a conflict in the ASEAN Charter regarding language use, which states that The working language of ASEAN shall be English . Mentions that the English language ability of the majority of people in ASEAN in not on par with the Charter's background assumptions and the English proficiency level of the 10 member states vary greatly. Discusses that stipulation of English as the working language brings into questioning the purposes and princi ...Continue Reading English 93979
Population and Society 2015: Population and Social Diversity in Thailand 2015 Compiles 20 articles studying population and social diversity in Thailand, covering age, gender, habitation, lifestyle, culture and interaction from individual to macro level. Looks at the impact of social media, social diversity in Thailand, ASEAN labor market, foreign workers in Thailand, and happiness of the Thais. Discusses the diversity of characteristics and behaviors in social media, how teenagers use social media to find sexual partners ...Continue Reading Thai 93898
Research Project Series on Thai-Muslim World: Relations and Implications for Development , Summary of Policy Report

Studies Muslim's World in terms of economy, society, and culture. Compiles 5 sub-research projects i.e. new directions of Thai Halal industry in ASEAN, an analysis of compensation on language and competitive opportunity of Thai workers, migration flows from the unrest situation in 4 Southern border provinces. Describes a translated book on critical issue on Islam banking and financial markets. Provides guideline for financial development based ...Continue Reading

Thai 93876
An ASEAN Handbook for Women's Rights Activists Introduces a network of women's rights group in Southeast Asia or Women's Caucus its fights for women on migration violence against women economic rights political participation and discriminations in law, policies and practices. Outlines history of ASEAN integration, ASEAN Charter, roadmap for an ASEAN community, and ASEAN Structure. Highlights ASEAN human rights mechanism and ASEAN human rights instruments, covering institutions, purpose ...Continue Reading English 93851
Operational Report on One District One Student ASEAN Youth Camp 2015 (ODOS) Provides information of the project on One District One Student ASEAN Youth Camp 2015, dealing with background, objective, operation, curriculum, and expected outcome. Summarizes learning activities and learning process relating to competency, knowledge, and skills. Reports the content of activities by individual study (IS), and group project (JP). Mentions topics on ASEAN and occupational opportunity in ASEAN, tourism in ASEAN race, ASEAN Com ...Continue Reading Thai 93826
Learning & Teaching and Experts of Bahasa Melayu and Bahasa Indonesia in Thailand Thanaphas Dejpawuttikul Studies the development and status of language teaching with the emphasis on Bahasa Melayu and Bahasa Indonesia in Thailand. Compiles directory of experts in both languages, and presents expert profile in terms of name, position, office educational background, academic works, and address. Thai 93764
Learning & Teaching and Experts of Vietnamese Language in Thailand Siriwong Hongsawan Studies the development and status of Vietnamese language with its learning and teaching in Thailand. Looks at the teaching and curriculum in universities. Compiles directory of experts in Vietnamese language, and presents expert profile in terms of name, position, office, educational background, academic works, and address. Thai 93763
Learning & Teaching and Experts of Burmese Language in Thailand Sommai Chinnak Studies the development and status of Burmese language with its learning and teaching in Thailand. Covers the teaching in temples, military education, universities, community colleges, and other institutions. Compiles directory of experts in Burmese language, and presents expert profile in terms of name, position, office, educational background, academic works, and address. Thai 93762
Learning & Teaching and Experts of Lao Language in Thailand Kaewta Chantranuson Studies the development and status of Lao Language in Thailand. Considers its learning and teaching in Khong Kaen University as well as academic services and research on Lao language and culture. Compiles directory of experts in Lao language, and presents expert profile in terms of name, position, office, educational background, academic works, and address. Thai 93761
Learning & Teaching and Experts of Khmer Language in Thailand Banyat Salee Studies the development and status of Khmer language with its learning and teaching in universities and other agencies in Thailand. Provides its trends and further suggestions. Compiles directory of experts in Khmer language, and presents expert profile in terms of name, position, office, educational background, academic works, and address. Thai 93760
Learning & Teaching and Experts of Neighboring Languages in CLMV, including Bahasa Melayu/Indonesia in Thailand, Executive Summary Sommai Chinnak Considers the importance of and necessity for learning languages of neighbouring countries. Studies the development of language learning and teaching in Thailand, focusing on Khmer language, Lao language, Burmese language, Vietnamese language, Bahasa Melayu, and Bahasa Indonesia. Covers the study of experts in each language in Thailand, relating to lecturers in universities, curriculum, and network development. Provides suggestions for the pub ...Continue Reading Thai 93759
AUN Annual Report 2015/2016 Reports statistical data, activities and deliverables carried out by 30 member universities of ASEAN University Network (AUN). Presents history, background, vision, mission, strategic goals and members of AUN. Summarizes activities and outputs in accordance with 5 strategic goals, namely: G1 quality gap narrowed which includes quality assurance (QA) aspects G2 emerging priorities engaged which includes various fields of international education ...Continue Reading English 93743
ASEAN Community and Managing Traditional and Non-Traditional Security

Compiles 7 articles with case studies of Southeast and Northeast Asia relations to examine challenges and opportunities of ASEAN integration and implications for Korea, including ASEAN Political-Security Community (APSC) and non-traditional security, ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), and ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community aspects. Argues that the APSC differs from previous efforts as it focuses on building rule-based community. Criticizes that the A ...Continue Reading

English 93689
Interpretative Studies on Southeast Asian Culture Compiles 10 articles interpreting cultural phenomena in Southeast Asia. Presents Traditional Practices and Law: Recognizing Legal Pluralism to Bridge The Gap of ASEAN Heritage Protection which demonstrates Bali's cases to align traditional perception and practices with Western norms of legal sanction as to help preserve and manage national heritage. Explores Reading Colonial Visuality: A History Depicted in Esteban Villanueva's Basi Revolt P ...Continue Reading English 93467
Engendering Concerted National Efforts Towards Improved Health Outcomes in the ASEAN: Status, Challenges, Targets, and Ways Forward Picazo, Oscar F. Evaluates ASEAN's performance on health improvement in accordance with ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community (ASCC) Blueprint. Presents health outcomes, covering access to healthcare and promotion of health lifestyle improving capability to control communicable diseases and ensuring a drug-free ASEAN. Describes regional vision for health post 2015 to promote a healthy lifestyle, to strengthen health systems and access to care, and to ensure food saf ...Continue Reading English 92949
Report of the ASEAN Regional Assessment of MDG Achievement and Post-2015 Development Priorities Presents milestones and annual target of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) among ASEAN members in 8 aspects, namely: to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger to achieve universal primary education to promote gender equality and women empowerment to reduce child mortality to improve maternal health to combat HIV/AIDs, malaria and other diseases to ensure environmental sustainability and to develop a global partnership for development. Out ...Continue Reading English 92710
Managing labour adjustments in an integrating ASEAN Ofreneo, Rene Mentions trends in the ASEAN labour market, namely large informal economy, 'flexibilising' the formal sector, flood of migrant workers, and a more complicating migration flows as the war for talent migrant workers. Reveals unions' complaints that jobs become more uncertain while retaining talents is harder under the labour mobilization context. Doubts 3 policy issues, including how to human resource development in regional labour market, how to ...Continue Reading English 92676