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Beyond Nationalism, More Nationalism Rejaratman, S Postulates continuation of nationalism as an ideology in the foreseeable future. Suggests ways nationalism can play a constructive role in development of Asia. Discusses process of changing content of nationalism but not its form. Points out irrelevance of anti-colonialist type of nationalism to youth and need for meaningful ideas. Analyzes neo-colonialism, its past success, and present failure. Comments on a new nationalism aimed toward pol ...Continue Reading English 14729
President Suharto: Stability and Dynamism Presents excerpts from O.G. Roeder's bibliography of Suharto, tracing his childhood and career in the Army. Discusses Suharto's approach to the creation of political stability and implementation of the Five-Year Development Plan. Reports on Indonesia's efforts to attract foreign capital. Includes biographic sketch of Suharto's wife. Explains her philosophy in organizing women's associations English 14528
Indonesia Reviews events of 1969. Discusses activities of major political parties, mentions Suharto's efforts to demilitarize the government, and comments on relations between military and civilian power. Notes increased activities in foreign relations and regional organizations. Deals with family planning programs, race relations, educational programs, and health services. Discusses the problem of inflation and government efforts to curb the rising co ...Continue Reading English 13781
Foreign Affairs Bulletin, July-September 1976 Provides information on foreign affairs covering interview, statements and official notes as well as on political, economic and social developments in Thailand English 13200
Southeast Asia Builds for the Post-Vietnam Age Kraar, Louis Examines the spirit of regional consciousness as exemplified by the Asian Development Bank (ADB). Discusses ADB's funding and projects in South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore and Thailand. cites progress in development of Mekong River for power and irrigation. Comments on ASEAN and ASPAC political cooperation. Analyzes Japan's economic relationship with Southeast Asia and the reactions of Asian nations to it. Discusses the economic dislocations wh ...Continue Reading English 13011
Far Eastern Economic Review Simkin, C. G. F Reviews trade and aid links between New Zealand and Asia. Summarizes changes in international relations of Europe and U.S.A. with Southeast Asia. Explains reasons for quantity of trade with specific nations. Covers new Zealand's exports of foodstuffs and wool. Discusses possibilities of economic progress of S.E. Asian countries with subsequent increasing markets for New Zealand. Describes technical assistance to education, commitment to Asia ...Continue Reading English 11249
Far Eastern Economic Review Reviews events of the 1967 elections, noting issues on the economy and political corruption. Describes the election violence. Comments on Philippine-U.S. relations and mentions the establishment of ASEAN. Reports on the crime rate, labor strikes, and inadequate facilities for education. The budget, balance of payments, GNP growth rate, and volume of trade are discussed. Agricultural and industrial production and transportation development ar ...Continue Reading English 08655
Singapore'76 Reviews Singapore in 1976 in terms of an overview of the Soviet fishing fleets as the joint Soviet-Singapore venture, the domestic developments and prospects of the ruling People's Action Party (PAP), and the paradox of Singapore in trying to be like others to be a normal country. Describes the foreign investment in Singapore, a doubling of the real growth rate in Singapore's economy, sterilization and literacy of education, containing the commu ...Continue Reading English 04337
Comparative Studies in Southeast Asian Education Wong Hoy Kee Francis Presents the meaning, purpose and the importance of comparative studies in education at present. Points out history, methodology, and levels of study of comparative studies. Provides general setting of five selected countries of Southeast Asia: Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, and Thailand. Outlines the educational structure of these countries, noting primary, secondary, university and teacher education the private school vocatio ...Continue Reading English 03450
Mid-year Review 1975 Analyzes local political events during the premiership of Sanya Dhammasak, Seni Pramoj, and Kukrit Pramoj and forecasts the future of ASEAN. Surveys economics in terms of inflation, labor unrest, production and trade, and export commodities. Covers industry, money and banking, securities exchange, and investment declines. Reports on the conflicts of interest between pressure groups, and outlines the world politics in general. Summarizes the s ...Continue Reading English 03036