ASEAN Online Database Development Project





The Thailand Information Center (TIC), located at the Office of Academic Resources, Chulalongkorn University, was commissioned in July 2011 by the University’s ASEAN Studies Center to develop an ASEAN Online Database. Through this project, the TIC has embraced the University’s vision in preparation for Thailand’s entry into the AEC in 2015. A standardized database was rendered necessary by the rapidly transforming context of ASEAN : Not only does the database respond to the technological requirements of a growingly sophisticated information management in research and academia ; it also strengthens social inclusion in the framework of national, regional, and international cooperation.


ASEAN-related publications collected by TIC, written both in English and Thai, have been consolidated. They are accompanied by indicative abstracts in English, thesaurus keywords, and bibliographic records. Each publication has been analyzed and synthesized according to the characteristics and elements of the three ASEAN pillars. In addition, comprehensive topics have been sub-categorized into essential inter-ASEAN themes such as ASEAN Plus 3, ASEAN Plus 6, Chula Professors Specializing in ASEAN Affairs, and ASEAN Documents in Other Universities. The technology used includes website development with Joomla software, user interface design, and free-text search.


1. Newly categorized database according to ASEAN's three pillars and other sub-categories

2. Statistical usage of ASEAN documents, compared by year and ASEAN pillar (using graphs, charts, and photos)


ASEAN Studies Center, Chulalongkorn University

Further Work

1. To update information, improve technology, and present more features on the website

2. To develop the website as a scholarly internet resource on ASEAN containing databases, websites, researcher directories, and other types of information

3. To seek collaboration and network with libraries and information centers in ASEAN countries for knowledge sharing and interfaces, in order to yield ever more benefits to the ASEAN Community at large


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